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RNE founder, Julie Gortze sharing about RNE's mission on Mansfield Cable Station. Click HERE to hear more!
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Support legislation to assist the rare disease community!

MA State Representative Paul Heroux has been championing HB3714, An Act to Create an Advisory Council since 2015.

Please visit our legislation page to learn more about this bill, how you can help it become law, and about other legislative efforts with purpose of aiding the rare disease community!
RNE is partnering with University of Vermont to host a conference 
"Improving Health Care Experiences in the Rare Disease Community 
with Information and Support" 
on September 23, 2017 at the UVM campus in Vermont! Visit here for more information, agenda and find out how to register.
Rare New England is partnering with the Festival of Genomics to offer a stage area targeted to patients and families living with rare diseases on October 4th in Boston!
Visit here to find out more about this event, the Festival of Genomics, and to browse through the fabulous agenda being planned throughout this 2-day festival!
MA State Representative recently spoke to the RNE Volunteer Team about legislative efforts and how we can all help get a bill passed through Committees. For more information on legislation and the rare disease community, visit our 
Healthcare Legislation page.