"The World of Rare Disease"
​Welcome to "The World of Rare Disease", a Rare New England, INC production!

RNE has began production of a cable show series about rare and complex diseases. This program will offer information, education and highlight resources available to all stakeholders living and working in the rare disease community.

RNE hosts will vary as we bring in experts from the many subjects relating to rare and complex healthcare issues, but will include RNE Board Members, Committee Members and our fabulous volunteers.

We are introducing "RNE in Motion", a segment at the end of each show where we will answer questions sent in by viewers. We are hoping, by providing this piece, we are able to keep the RDC moving toward solutions for better care and improved quality of lives for all involved.

We hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to send us comments, questions and ideas for future programming to Info@rarenewengland.org.

Enjoy some pics of our first program recording!
We thank Mansfield Cable Access for this wonderful opportunity and for the fabulous made just for RNE, seen here with RNE Founder, Julie Gortze, Board Member, Lois Foster and volunteer, Lisa Deck!
Episode 1, "Rare New England"
Recorded September 2018
Episode 2, "Depression and Anxiety in the 
Rare and Complex Disease Patient"
Recorded October 24, 2018

   Episode 3, "The Role of Pharmaceuticals in the Rare Disease World"
Part 1
Recorded November 7, 2018
 Episode 4, "The Role of Pharmaceuticals in the Rare Disease World"
Part 2
Recorded November 7, 2018
Episode 5, RNE Highlights TeamIMPACT
Recorded December 18, 2018