Teen/Young Adult Resources
Karen says, " When I first got sick, I had nobody to talk to. Growing up sick is one of the biggest challenges that anyone can face and I had to face this. It is easier when you have someone to talk to, someone to reach out to and someone to relate to you. My mission with Rare New England is to provide this for any kid struggling".

Karen Richards is a 16 year old rare disease advocate. Growing up chronically ill, she decided to not let her disease ruin her, but rather to triumph over it. She has multiple different conditions and has had 18 surgeries. She has put together a website where she posts stories about other kids with invisible illnesses called sweetlemonpies.com. These stories are written under her pen name Molly Jones from the famous Beatles song. 

RNE and Karen will be working to improve support opportunities and compile a listing of available resources for the teen and young adult communities. 

Please address any comments or questions to Info@rarenewengland.org
The life of a teen or young adult living with a complicated group of symptoms can be challenging. This population has the extra burden of not only deciding what they want to do in the world but also must consider their illnesses around every possible choice. They may not know others affected by complex disorders, nor may they have easy access to helpful resources as they transition from life as a child with a disease to life as a viable, confident and successful adult who happens to have symptoms to manage. This community can be a support to each other during transition and RNE works to help these vibrant young people make connections they need to become who they want to be. 
​Karen Richards, 
Teen Resource Coordinator
If you are a teen/young adult affected by a rare disorder and would like to chat with others sharing mutual experiences, interesting events, or other resources, we welcome you to join the RNE Teen/Young Adult FB Group.