Rare Disease Day 2018
Rare New England presents:
  “RNE Honors Rare Disease Day Speaker Series 2018”

Rare New England is proud to announce the launch of an annual speaker series - RNE Honors Rare Disease Day project. 

During the week of Rare Disease Day, RNE arranges for patients and/or family members to speak to medical audiences at major teaching hospitals around New England. The presentation topics include any combination of the following possibilities: the diagnostic journey, living with the disease, coping strategies, challenges in the healthcare and/or educational systems, and others.

At each event, the patient presentation is preceded by a brief clinical overview of the disease by the hosting physician to ensure that the audience has a medical foundation about the condition. 

These sessions provide the medical community the chance to see patients with disorders they might not otherwise see. This opportunity also makes it more likely that they will recognize such patients in the future.

"RNE Honors Rare Disease Day Speaker Series" Pilot Sponsors include:

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​For information about Rare Disease Day and the many events planned throughout the world to spread awareness, click here.
*Pictures Courtesy of  
Mark Korson MD
RDD Speaker Series talks will be will be provided by RNE Board Members, Mark Korson, MD and Amel Karaa, MD, along with patient/caregivers representatives of various diseases.