RNE Honors Rare Disease Day Speaker Series 2019

RNE Honors Rare Disease Day Speaker Series 2019 - sponsors

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Dr. Mark Korson is an RNE Board Member. He is currently Director of Physician Support and Director of Education at VMP Genetics, and co-directs the North American Metabolic Academy . He is a clinical biochemical geneticist, focusing on the development of a telehealth approach to metabolic care (helping physicians with diagnosis and management), and promotes education as a way of addressing the current workforce issue in metabolic medicine.
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Dr. Amel Karaa is a board certified physician in internal medicine and clinical genetics and the director of the lysosomal storage disorder and mitochondrial disease program at the Massachusetts General hospital in Boston. She has received the 2013 United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) fellowship and is the president of mitochondrial medicine society. Dr. Karaa conducts clinical research for both mitochondrial and lysosomal storage diseases as well as clinical trials. 

​Last year's series was a great success as we visited 6 academic facilities! For 2019, we are bringing educational opportunities to several several new venues across the New England area:

  •   Brandeis University Genetic Counseling Program*
  •   Yale-New Haven Medical Center
  •   Dianon Pathology*
  •   University of New England
  •   Rhode Island Hospital
  •   Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center*
  •   University of Vermont Medical Center
  •   Boston University School of Medicine Genetic Counseling Program*
  •   Bay Path University Genetics Counseling Program*
  •   Tufts Medical School*

*Non-CME presentations
Meet The Physicians
RNE is fortunate to have world-renowned geneticists within our organization who often provide their expertise through our events. Dr. Korson spearheads the Rare Disease Day Speaker Series which is based off his own experiences bringing in patients  "Whereas physicians usually teach facts and discuss patient cases, patients (or family members) tell stories. People love stories. Story-telling is a far more effective teaching method than didactic teaching, and no one can discuss a disorder or describe in a more compelling way what it’s like to have a disease than someone who actually lives with that condition.".
During the weeks around Rare Disease Day, RNE arranges for patients and/or family members to speak to medical audiences at major teaching hospitals, medical schools and genetic counseling programs around New England. The presentation topics includes any combination of the following possibilities: the diagnostic journey, living with the disease, coping strategies, challenges in the healthcare and/or educational systems, and others.

At each event, the patient presentation is preceded by a brief clinical overview of the disease by a geneticist to ensure that the audience has a medical foundation about the condition. 

These sessions provide the medical community the chance to see patients with disorders they might not otherwise see. This opportunity also makes it more likely that they will recognize such patients in the future
Rare Disease Day Speaker Series 2019 Survey

If you have attended any of our 2019 rare disease day presentations and have not filled out out survey, please do so at your earliest convenience. Your feedback enables us to build better programming and is much appreciated! Click below to visit the simple 6 question survey here. Thank you!!
RNE visited Brandeis University Genetic Counseling Program on Jan 15th as our 1st RDDSS presentation of 2019! 
Dr. Mark Korson provided an overview about Acute Intermittent Porphyria and Lina Rebeiz shared her experiences                          living with this disease.