Rare New England Fundraiser 
RNE is growing and reaching to meet and improve the services we provide the rare disease community. We are please to announce our first event fundraiser and hope to organize a fun evening for all who attend. We will have dinner and an opportunity to learn more about RNE and our initiatives, followed by an entertaining show by Dave Kane, radio talk show host and comedian.

Dave has been involved in the field of radio for over 40 years; he worked as a producer for WJAR radio and filled in for the other hosts. In 1981 Dave joined WARA in Attleboro, Massachusetts and eventually became station manager. From that point forward, Dave carved a successful niche in Rhode Island talk radio, spending time at various stations throughout the region, including WPRO and WHJJ, the two of largest and most powerful talk stations in the state. Since January of 2014, Dave has been a weekend host on WARA Saturday mornings. His show Kane and Company can currently be heard in the 9am-12pm time slot.

Dave's fundraising and charity efforts include Misgivings (which is available as a fundraiser), and Just for Funds (a concept in which the venue and entertainment are provided for fundraising organizations). Dave also created Christmas is For Kids. Each year, this charity provides gifts to an average of 800 to 1,000 children in need each Christmas. This program started in 1983 and is supported by the Greater Attleboro Area Council for Children.

Having lost a son in The Station nightclub fire of 2003 in which 100 people lost their lives, in 2006, Dave authored his first published book, 41 Signs of Hope. In the book, Dave shares anecdotes of synchronistic, and at times, seemingly supernatural occurrences revolving around the number 41, which Dave and his family believe to be communications from the spirit of his son Nicholas..

Your participation in our fundraisers help RNE to continue offering the following programs and initiatives:

  • Maintain the website full of information and guidance with needs in the rare disease community.
  • Provide educational programs through conferences and meetings.
  • Perform and/or coordinate presentations in medical classroom settings.
  • Offer support through telephone, email and in-person events.
  • Develop a database of available resources and services for those living and working with rare disorders.
  • Build on our toolkit for finding needed resources by knowing what is available and who to talk to.
  • Follow legislative efforts and spread awareness of needed actions.
  • Give guidance toward grief support, genetic counseling, clinicians, and more.
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Please enjoy pics of our successful fundraiser that was held January 20, 2018!