Muse Event 2015
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Sept 2015

MA Representative Paul Heroux 
Sharing about HB.1977, An Act to Establish a Rare Disease Advisory Councilabout HB.1977, An Act to Establish a Rare Disease Advisory Council in MA, a bill he is sponsoring.

January 2014
March 2014
meeting sponsored by 
Attorney Jim Ianari
and Jessica Shriver, 
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Dr. Niyazov July 2015
 Luncheon with Dr. Korson and Dr.Karaa December 2014 
May 2015
Lunch with 
Dr. Karaa 
"Complex Care Challenges" with Dr. Karaa and Dr. Korson
April 30, 2016
​Exercise and Physical Therapy with a Rare Disorders 
Dr. Michael Healy spoke about Connective Disorders
First meeting, May 2013

Jessica Shriver spoke about ethics and the rare disease patients at Brandeis University Genetic Counseling Program in spring 2017.
Game Night Teen Event January 2017
RNE partnered with The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain
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